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for the G7


The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) was established by a group of business people, bureaucrats and academicians for the purposes of conducting data-based policy analysis and policy making contributions. TEPAV became operational in December 2004 with the goal of enriching the content of information/data in ideological discussions and arguments. In addition to improving policy proposals, we help our ideas come to life through concrete projects.

TEPAV strictly pursues the highest in ethical and academic standards. We produce vigorous, data-driven analysis and contribute a technical outlook to our fields of study. In this sense, the most important quality setting TEPAV aside from many other think tanks being established in Turkey is its full-time staff and the importance it attributes to program-based capacity building. As a think tank that has conducted projects 63 of Turkey’s provinces and 60 countries across the world, it maintains a deep and wide-ranging network.

Logo: tükiye ekonomi politikalari arastirma vakfi (tepav)


City Ankara
Country Turkey