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STRATPOL  – Strategic Policy Institute – is an independent think-tank based in Slovakia with focus on international relations and security policy. Its activities cover the Visegrad Group, European security, Transatlantic relations, and Eastern Partnership countries. Our research, publications, and events cover issues and developments in Central Europe, Ukraine, South Caucasus, as well as NATO, the United States, and key strategic regions. Our experts have a proven record in strategic decision-making in their respective governments, military, and academia.

STRATPOL  contributes to the academic debate, shapes public opinion through the media and influences policies by formulating recommendations for foreign and security policy decision-makers.

STRATPOL has expanded on the professional basis of the Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs, securing the continuity of the Centre’s projects and partnerships. Among our achievements are among others the Panorama of global security environment, a reputable peer-reviewed and indexed publication on international relations; yearly South Caucasus Security Forum, a high-level forum for exchanges of views on security developments in the neighborhood, held in Tbilisi, Georgia; Summer University for Young Professionals, a high-profile interactive course for young people; and long-term projects on security sector reform and capacity building in Ukraine and Georgia.

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