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Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry

The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI) is a policy think tank established in 2001. Its mission is to conduct theoretical and empirical research, maximize synergies with those engaged in policymaking, and to make policy proposals based on evidence derived from such research activities. The institute is highly regarded both in Japan and abroad for its activity.

RIETI’s Mission

For Japan to become a vibrant society through drastic reform of its economic structure and administrative systems, it is necessary to break the conventional administrative and policy framework and invigorate the policymaking capacity. Through such actions, Japan, as a member of the international community, will then be able to proactively implement more dynamic and innovative policies.

Reinvigorating policymaking and improving the dissemination of information requires a new policymaking platform and should be undertaken by an organization holding a certain degree of independence from the government, where not only administrative officers but also academic and private-sector experts and researchers from overseas can work in friendly competition to undertake various research assignments, analyses and policy studies, and make policy proposals.

It is against this backdrop that RIETI was established as a non-civil service style incorporated administrative agency with the purpose of undertaking public policy studies—a key and vital mission—efficiently and effectively by utilizing its personnel and budgetary flexibility.

Impact on Government Policies

RIETI undertakes innovative studies which would not otherwise come into the government’s scope of ideas or have yet to be taken up by the government with a view to mid- and long-term economic system reform as well as introducing new policies. RIETI also provides a theoretical and analytical foundation for improving or abolishing inefficient policies. RIETI’s work has an impact on influential commentaries, reviews, and policy debates among experts.

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