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Korea Development Institute (KDI)

Korea Development Institute (KDI), since its establishment in 1971, has been recognized as a leading think tank of Korea significantly contributing to the economic and social development of Korea. For five decades, KDI has consistently provided policy recommendations and guidance based on in-depth analyses of international and domestic economic conditions and projections while conducting preemptive and empirical studies.

While recognizing the importance of finding new growth engines for prompt economic recovery and sustainability during the trying times of the global economic crisis, KDI is working diligently to put forth applicable policy directions based on comprehensive studies.

KDI, Creative production of new knowledge

By enhancing its research capacity and cooperative studies internationally, KDI will achieve world-class excellence in its research, formulate preemptive and applicable economic policies, and at the same time strengthen comprehensive academic studies. In parallel with research, KDI will endeavor to continually disseminate information on pending issues of economic policy to economic agents.


Looking for a Possible Locomotive to Lead International Trade

The recent COVID-19 pandemic and cross-border political conflicts have posed great risks to international trade which is vital to economic growth and prosperity. Despite the apparent benefit of international trade, the global community’s efforts to manage and expand fair trade has not been active enough to achieve a sustainable economic recovery. Many countries increasingly consider national security as an important factor when reinforcing trade policies and have become far more selective in choosing their economic partners.

To alleviate the disruption of supply chains, especially of strategically important goods, we suggest accomplishing a standstill of trade restriction policies by forming a cooperative network among like-minded countries. Strengthening the role of OECD as the supervisor of protectionist activities could help expand trust among participating countries and stabilize the GVCs. Moreover, the inclusion of additional countries with high shares of global trade to the G7 could enhance economic influence to facilitate international trade and would become a new engine for trade market growth.

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