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Global Policy Forum

Global Policy Forum (GPF) is an independent policy watchdog that monitors and reports on United Nations activities and developments in multilateral affairs. GPF is convinced that active civic participation is needed to defend and strengthen rights-based multilateralism and international governance institutions. It scrutinizes global policymaking and promotes accountability and civic participation in areas related to social justice, sustainability, human rights, peace and security, and international law. Human rights and justice-based global agreements are amongst the primary tools to address xenophobia, authoritarianism and unilateralist trends that threaten peace, development and sustainability.
GPF monitors UN negotiations and processes, undertakes original research and maintains a dynamic communications programme that includes publications, briefings, presentations, and social media. GPF also plays an active role in civil society networks and other alliances.
GPF organizes meetings and conferences and participates in policy dialogues and expert group meetings that address the implications of the changing world on multilateral principles, values and commitments.


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