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The Global Perspectives Initiative believes that a higher sense of responsibility leads to more opportunities, and more opportunities lead to a better future for everyone.

That is why we are promoting and supporting the discourse on a sustainable and balanced global development and strongly encourage Germany to increase its international responsibility in global development cooperation. We bring together stakeholders from politics, business, media and civil society and inform, discuss and work together to develop new approaches.

By doing so, we support Germany in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2015. The Global Perspectives Initiative sees itself as a national platform in a global discourse for a fairer world in the future.


A Seat at the Table: A G7 Partnership With Africa

Africa’s representation on the global stage, including and especially in terms of its contribution to global policymaking in key areas that impact its development, is disproportionate to the extent to which it is affected by these policies. Therefore, in order to bolster Africa’s contribution to efforts supporting climate-related policies, public health, and economic development, this policy brief proposes that the G7 establish a ‘G7 Partnership with Africa’ analogous to that of the G20 Compact with Africa. Setting the G7 Partnership with Africa apart from the G20 is its multifaceted focus and low barriers to entry. It is envisioned as a mutually beneficial arrangement for G7 and African countries to improve cooperation on critical issues in health, climate and business related affairs, allow African countries greater agency in determining the policies that affect them the most, while developing inclusive and systematic engagement between the G7 and the African continent.

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