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Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

In 1957, the Bankakademie was founded in Frankfurt, it was the predecessor organization of today’s private Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft.
So it is not wrong to say that the Hessian educational institution is a university with tradition!
A university that has decades of experience in the financial sector and is recognized in the business world.

Today, the Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft in Frankfurt is one of the leading business schools in Germany. In addition, the quality of teaching and research is confirmed annually by national rankings.
Since 2000, the university has completely converted its course offerings to Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, thus meeting international standards. To complete the concept of “internationalization”, one can add that almost all master’s programs offered are in English and that stays abroad and internships are part of every degree program.
The university’s facilities include numerous research and 86 educational centers.

The courses offered are complex, innovative and adapted to the changing economy.
Full-time versus part-time, first degree versus continuing education- there are many ways to earn a degree or qualification here.
Which path is ultimately chosen depends entirely on the individual’s needs.
The excellent reputation of the School of Banking, the commitment of the professors, who are internationally recognized experts in their fields, and the quality of teaching and research, ensure very good study conditions.

Each student is given an optimal foundation to build upon and provide the foundation for a successful career!
And finally, for those whom the bachelor’s and master’s degrees are not yet enough, they can deepen their studies and earn a doctorate (in 2004, the private university was granted the right to award doctorates).




City Frankfurt am Main
Country Germany