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Development Alternatives

Development Alternatives (DA), the world’s first social enterprise dedicated to sustainable development, is a research and action organisation striving to deliver socially equitable, environmentally sound and economically scalable development outcomes. Our green technology innovations for habitat, water, energy and waste management, which deliver basic needs and generate sustainable livelihoods, have reduced poverty and rejuvenated natural ecosystems in the most backward regions of India.

Since inception DA is dedicated to systemic transformation. It started by analysing the changes that were needed in the existing societal and economic order to ensure that the wellbeing of the marginalised and the health of the environment is maintained and regenerated, for long into the future.

Our activities broadly cover three primary areas that underlie any sustainable development process: the design and large-scale dissemination of appropriate technologies, rational environmental management systems, and equitable people-oriented institutions and policies. We innovate eco-solutions to help meet the basic needs of all and work with partners, including government bodies, local entrepreneurs and civil society to market these in a commercially viable and an environmentally friendly manner to an ever-growing body of consumers.

    • Empowering Communities through multi-stakeholder action for:

      – Institution Development with a focus on women and marginalised
      – Basic Needs Fulfillment more specifically habitat, water, energy


    • Creating Green Jobs at a large scale through promotion and support of:

      – Employment Skills for Green Job Creation
      – Enterprise Creation for Social Enterprises


    • Promoting and advocating Low Carbon Pathways for Development
      through the design and demonstration of:

      – Natural Resources Management Models
      – Clean Technology Solutions

Thus, a conglomerate called Development Alternatives Group was set up, comprising five organisations. The Non-Profit Societies, such as the flagship entity Development Alternatives and TARA (Technology and Action for Rural Advancement) are responsible for research, innovation, policy, incubation of green businesses and technical support services.

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