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College of Europe

The College of Europe is a postgraduate institute of European studies with its main campus in Bruges, Belgium, and a smaller campus in Warsaw, Poland. The College of Europe in Bruges was founded in 1949 by leading historical European figures as one of the results of the 1948 Congress of Europe in The Hague to promote solidarity and mutual understanding between all nations of Western Eurpüe and to train young executives for Europe.

The College of Europe is historically linked to the establishment of the European Union and its predecessors, and to the creation of the European Movement International, of which the college is a supporting member. 

The College of Europe has the mission to contribute to the construction of Europe and to good relations between the European Union and its major international partners. It does so primarily by the provision of advanced Master programmes combining excellence in teaching with a unique European student living experience. The College further serves this mission by scholarly contributions on key issues of European cooperation and integration, the provision of high-level executive training and the organisation of high-profile public events on topical European issues.

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City 8000 Brugge
Country Belgium