Think7 communiqué handed over to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz

A high-level delegation led by Dennis Snower (Global Solutions Initiative, GSI) and Anna-Katharina Hornidge (German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)) handed over the Think7 Communiqé to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, as chair of the G7, on May 25.

Think7 communiqué handed over to Chancellor Olaf Scholz by members of the Think7 delegation. Credit: Bundesregierung/Henning Schacht


The communiqué summarizes about 70 papers of the Think7, in which policy recommendations for the G7 summit in Elmau are made. For example, the authors argue that the G7 should work more closely with the G20 countries to counter a relapse into a polarized world and to work toward an end to the war in Ukraine. A second key recommendation is that the G7 should develop common standards for measuring human well-being that take into account not only economic criteria but also the state of the environment and social cohesion. The third central recommendation of the Think7 to the G7 is that the work of the group of states should be continuously accompanied by science and civil society in the future – until now, the composition and goals of the so-called various G7 Engagement Groups have changed with each new G7 presidency.

The Think7 process was conducted jointly by DIE and GSI. The German G7 presidency had mandated the two institutions to set up the Think7 Engagement Group and thus strengthen the exchange between politics and civil society. Around 300 scientists have been working within in the Think7 process since the beginning of the year. Representing them, the following delegation took part in the handover:

John Beirne (ADBI/T7 2023)
Axel Berger (German Development Institute)
Tina Blohm (Friedrich Ebert Foundation)
Bambang Brodjonegoro (Universitas Indonesia / T20)
Markus Engels (Global Solutions Initiative)
Christoph Gottschalk (The New Institute)
Anna-Katharina Hornidge (German Development Institute)
Daniela Jacob (Helmholtz Association, hereon)
Sarah John (Global Solutions Initiative)
Ilona Kickbusch (WHO)
Stephan Klingebiel (German Development Institute)
Stormy Mildner (Aspen Institute)
Claudia Schmucker (DGAP)
Dennis Snower (Global Solutions Initiative)
Tetsushi Sonobe (ADBI)
Sébastien Treyer (IDDRI)

Click here to download the Think7-Communiqué.