Development and Economic Prosperity

Emerging and developing economies are increasingly important for global growth and recovery, but they face a diversity of development challenges. This task force aims to promote developing countries’ active participation in policy discussions on achieving the G7’s economic prosperity and development objectives, and how the G7 can support the Global South’s economic growth and recovery.

Specifically, the task force focuses on economic crises and uncertainty in the Global South, exacerbated by rapidly changing geopolitical tensions, and the extent to which the G7 can contribute to extreme poverty eradication and foster shared economic prosperity and inclusive development.

Different aspects of development are relevant to the task force. Suggested policy brief topics include: (i) debt sustainability; (ii) poverty and inequality reduction; (iii) natural resources management; (iv) food and energy security; (v) trade and industrial policy; and (vi) macroeconomic policy coordination.


Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES)
Rockefeller Foundation