Senior Officials, Global Experts Outline T7 Japan Roadmap for Fostering Urgent G7 Policy Breakthroughs

The Think7 (T7) roadmap for helping Group of 7 (G7) countries and partners confront unfolding global challenges during Japan’s 2023 G7 presidency was discussed in the virtual T7 Japan inception conference hosted by ADBI on 12 December. Japan’s G7 Sous-Sherpa Kazuhiko Nakamura of the Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed T7’s importance for transmitting research-based policy ideas to the G7 to support coordinated problem solving in a fragmenting world. ADBI Dean and T7 Japan Lead Chair Tetsushi Sonobe said T7 openness to policy research from experts worldwide aims to deliver more impactful solutions to global leaders under T7 Japan’s theme Addressing Crises, Reigniting Sustainable Development, Bridging the G7 and G20. He and other co-chairs of T7 Japan task forces described their topic coverage and emphasis on facilitating engagement between the G7 and developing countries to advance G7 policy objectives. Dean Sonobe and experts from Think20 (T20) India explored ways to align T7-T20 policy research and outreach. View the webinar recording.