policy recommendations
for the G7


The following leading experts from research institutes and think tanks from G7 countries are participating in the 2022 Think7 process and contributing to the work of the various task forces. As more pledges are made to serve on task forces, the list grows.


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Stavros Afionis

Lecturer in International Relations, Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd
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Pedro Ahlers

Sustainability Innovation Architect, New Ventures and Technologies at SAP
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Andrzej Ancygier

Senior Climate Policy Analyst, Climate Analytics
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John Aston

Professor, University of Cambridge
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Marie-Camille Attard

Unit Lead in Climate Policy, Climate Analytics


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Sabine Baunach

Researcher, German Alliance on Climate Change and Health (KLUG)
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Ndemo Bitange

Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Nairobi, Kenya
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Henry Bittig

Scientist, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW)
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Jack Bobo

Director of Global Food and Water Policy, The Nature Conservancy
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Creon Butler

Director, Global Economy and Finance Programme, Chatham House


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Jesus Crespo Cuaresma

Professor of Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business


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Andrew Deutz

Director of Global Policy, Institutions and Conservation Finance, The Nature Conservancy


Mark Elder

Director of Research and Publications, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies


Mei Lin Fung

Chair, People Centered Internet

Claire Fyson

Head of Climate Policy - Mitigation Pathway Analysis, Climate Analytics


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Françoise Gaill

Senor Researcher, CNRS Institute for ecology and environment (INEE)
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Matthew Gamser

CEO, SME Finance Forum, World Bank/IFC

Sophie Gepp

Research associate, German Alliance on Climate Change and Health (KLUG)
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Kristina M. Gjerde

Senior High Seas Advisor, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


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Andreas Hansen

Senior Policy Advisor, The Nature Conservancy
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Bill Hare

CEO, Climate Analytics
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Cecil Haverkamp

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
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Sheila JJ Heymans

Executive Director , European Marine Board (EMB)
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Aidan Hollis

Professor, University of Calgary and Incentives for Global Health
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Jonas Hörsch

Co-lead of the energy modelling unit, Climate Analytics



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Michael Jakob

Researcher, Ecologic Institute


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Linda Kalcher

Director EU Green Deal Diplomacy, European Climate Foundation
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Birgit Klein

Oceanographer, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)


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Mark Lambrides

Global Director, Energy and Climate Partnerships, The Nature Conservancy
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Rafael Leal-Arcas

Professor of International Economic Law, Queen Mary University of London
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Tabea Lissner

Head of Vulnerability and Adaptation; Co-head of Programme Strategies, Climate Analytics
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Maike Luiken

Managing Director, Research & Development, CARBOVATE Development Corp.


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Bruce McKenney

Global Director, Renewable Energy, The Nature Conservancy



Photo: David Obura, director of CORDIO

David Obura

Director, CORDIO East Africa
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Brian Omwenga

Team leader , Tech Innovators Network – ThiNK, University of Nairobi, Kenya


Corine Pelluchon

Professor in Philosophy, Gustave Eiffel University/Fellow The New Institute
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Corine Pelluchon

Professor, Université Gustave Eiffel


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Dil Rahut

Senior Fellow, ADB Institute


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Navroop K. Sahdev

Connection Science Fellow, MIT Connection Science
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Ken Spours

Professor, UCL Institute of Education

Lindsay Stringer

Professor in Environment and Development, University of York


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Robert Tansey

Senior Policy Advisor, The Nature Conservancy
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Torsten Thiele

Senior Advisor, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and Global Ocean Trust


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Sebastian Unger

Head of the Ocean Governance Research Group, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)


Ingo Venzke

Professor / Fellow, THE NEW INSTITUTE


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Brittaney Warren

Lead Research Climate Change, G7 Research Group


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Yixin Yao

Senior Research Fellow, ADB Institute