Rene Schmidpeter


René Schmidpeter is professor for Sustainable Management at the IU – International University in Munich and research professor at BFH in Bern, Switzerland. He is guest professor/lecturer in Lithuania, USA, India, Australia, England and China. He is series editor for Springer’s CSR, Sustainability, Ethics and Governance books, editor of the Encyclopedia of Sustainable Management (ESM) as well as editor of the Dictionary of Corporate Social Responsibility (DCSR). His research and teaching activities focus on Sustainable Business Transformation, international perspectives on Sustainability, Social Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship with special focus on the relationship between business and society. He has published widely and is the editor of the German management series on Corporate Social Responsibility at Springer Gabler. Schmidpeter serves as an expert in many academic, economic and political steering committees as well as sustainability advisory boards. He has conducted research for and worked with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the European Union, the Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs, the Anglo-German Foundation, the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Mercator Foundation, the Humboldt Foundation as well as the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG).