Mei Lin Fung

Chair and Co-Founder, People Centered Internet


Chair and cofounder with Vint Cerf of the People Centered Internet, invited closing keynote on Decade of Digital Transformation at the World Bank IFC Global SME Financing Forum October 2020, She is an early pioneer of customer relationship management (CRM) bringing Intel techniques to Oracle, working under Tom Siebel then Marc Benioff. She was a leading contributor to the report by 2016-2018 World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Digital Economy and Society and presented at the World Economic Forum Digital Economics launch in 2017.

She chairs the Industry Connections Social Impact Measurement committee, and is a member of the Executive Committee for IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee. She served as Vice Chair, Internet Inclusion for the IEEE Internet Initiative through 2018. Mei Lin is Singaporean, living in Silicon Valley who worked at Intel then Oracle, then chaired Douglas Engelbart’s Core Planning Committee, advocating Networked Improvement Communities for a people-centered Internet.

As Socio-Technical lead for Federal Health Futures at the US Department of Defense, she was introduced to Community Health Centers in the US – 1200 entities that operate 9000 clinics around the country, with a mission to reduce health disparities for the poor and underserved. She addressed and resolved issues in Customer Care, satisfaction, employee satisfaction and cash flow to achieve amazing successes with US $ Billion impact at Avaya Global Customer Care, and Microsoft Telesales in China.

She earned her BSc in Math from ANU, MBA in Finance from MIT where she studied under two future Nobel Economics Prize winners, Franco Modigliani and Robert Merton, also Fisher Black. She co-founded with Kartik Kulkarni and the @GlobalHelpDesk to respond with practical action to build resilient communities, harnessing the potential of digital finance. She convenes the Digital Cooperation and Diplomacy Informal Network each month since March 2020 to take forward the UN High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation recommendations.