Maike Luiken

Managing Director, Research & Development, CARBOVATE Development Corp.
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Maike Luiken, PhD, SMIEEE, IEEE-HKN, is 2021 IEEE VP MGA. She served as President, IEEE Canada, 2018-19, and Chair, Policy Track, of the IEEE Internet Initiative, 2018. Currently Adjunct Research Professor, Western University, she was the founding Director of the Bluewater Technology Access Centre following eight years as Dean at Lambton College with a number of portfolios: Technology, Business Development, Sustainable Development, Applied Research. Her strategic leadership in developing the applied research & innovation capacity and portfolio led to Lambton becoming a top research college in Canada.

Her areas of interest and expertise span diverse technical areas as well as policy associated with their implementation. She has particular interest in how progress in one area, e.g. ICT, enables advances in other disciplines and sectors, such as the energy sector, and in how deployment of various technologies contributes – or not – to achieving more sustainable development. She has experience in the public and private sectors in Canada, USA and Germany, and is involved with a Canadian start-up company