Lindsay Stringer

Professor in Environment and Development, University of York


Lindsay has an international reputation and long-established track record of cutting edge, interdisciplinary research on land degradation, climate change, biodiversity conservation and international development. Her work is widely recognised in global policy arenas and highly cited. She breaks down boundaries and challenges the concepts and categories used in dominant narratives on environmental problems and their governance, critically questioning how different kinds of knowledge inform environmental decision-making and action. Her work uses mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative). Lindsay leasds large interdisciplinary international teams, and her fieldwork yields empirically grounded insights that inform policy at national and international levels. Her publications set the benchmark for good practice in stakeholder engagement and knowledge exchange, with one cited >2000 times since 2010. Her work is anchored in strong partnerships with in-country researchers at overseas universities, international institutions and NGOs. She involves MSc and PhD students from her study areas as research assistants and translators, building their capacity and skills and mentoring them to achieve their research goals.