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Ken Spours

Professor, UCL Institute of Education
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Ken Spours is Emeritus Professor of Post Compulsory Education at the UCL Institute of Education and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Capital Normal University, Beijing. He is also an associate of Compass, a democratic left think tank and pressure group. His theoretical perspective could be described as neo-Gramscian, involving a fusion of modern political Marxism and ecosystem modelling. This hybridity has led to the development of Social Ecosystem Thinking (SET) as a new way of looking at whole-system transformation. ​ As part of this broad intellectual-political exercise, there is the development of two related concepts – The Organic Intellect and the role of 21st Century Organic Intellectuals and Socialised Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Ken’s latest work applies SET to the Just Transition – linking the demand for a whole system and rapid movement to carbon net-zero through an emphasis on social justice. ​ The demand for the Expansion of the Just Transition is based on a recognition that the transitioning to carbon net-zero will require reciprocal transitioning activities at all levels of society to produce a Just Transition Ecosystem – a new dynamic ecological and social settlement. These ideas are explored further in the Just Transition web pages. ​ Ken’s academic specialism concerns the fields of upper secondary and further education and training and there is a page where you can find his recent academic contributions. He is also active in poverty reduction, being the Chair of Friends of Amani, Tanzania – a UK-based charity that supports the Amani Centre for the mentally disabled in Morogoro, Tanzania. ​ There is also a page on the Northern Pennines, a wild area of England close to his heart and where he lives part of the time. Ken is also a Mackem (Sunderland AFC supporter).