Irene Monasterolo

Professor of Climate Finance, EDHEC Business School and EDHEC-Risk Institute
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Irene Monasterolo is Professor of Climate Finance at EDHEC Business School and EDHEC-Risk Institute in Nice (FR). Irene’s research is contributing to understand the role of finance in the low-carbon transition, and the implications of climate change on investment decisions and financial stability. Irene has co-developed the Climate Policy Relevant Sectors (CPRS), a science-based classification of assets into classes of climate transition risk, and the climate stress-test of the financial system, which embeds climate scenarios in asset pricing, financial risk metrics and portfolio risk assessment. The CPRS and climate stress-test methodology have been applied by several financial supervisors and institutions.  Irene’s research has been published in top and high-ranked journals in the field, including Science, Nature Climate Change, and Journal of Banking and Finance, as well as Brookings and UN PRI. She is editorial board member of Ecological Economics Journal, and she has served as guest editor for Journal of Financial Stability’s special issue on “Climate risk and financial stability”. Irene has supported several international financial institutions, including the World Bank, in the assessment of the macroeconomic and financial impacts of climate tail risks, and has co-authored several reports with financial supervisors and institutions, including EIOPA (2019), the Austrian National Bank (2020), the World Bank (2022), and the Network For Greening the Financial System. Irene is co-founder of CLIMAFIN.