Dil Rahut

Vice-Chair of Research and Senior Research Fellow, ADBI


His research focuses on development microeconomics, agricultural economics, and environmental and natural resource economics. He is currently implementing experiments and field research in agriculture, natural resources, and climate in Asia.

Prior to joining ADBI, he was a senior global program manager for the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre’s (CIMMYT) socioeconomics and sustainable intensification programs and served as chair of the staffs’ committee at CIMMYT.

He also previously worked for the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan’s Research and Statistics Department and served as a research fellow at the WorldFish Centre; senior fellow and Japan chair at the Indian Council for Research in International Economic Relations; chief of research, planning, and monitoring and Visa/Mastercard director at the Bank of Bhutan Ltd; and assistant professor of development economics at South Asian University.

He has over 130 publications in Scopus indexed journals and has guest-edited several journal special issues. He also serves as an editorial board member of the Asian Development Review and lectures. He lectures at the University of Tokyo and Hitotsubashi University in Japan on recent issues in development economics.